There never was a good war or a bad peace.

— Benjamin Franklin

Family Mediation is one of the best alternatives for you when considering a divorce.

How well do you and your spouse communicate, solve problems, discuss options, and co-parent?

Could you benefit from a specially trained, highly educated professional to guide and assist you to divide up your marital estate, resolve your issues, and share your children?

How can Dr. Heller be helpful?

Dr. Randy Heller is certified as a Supreme Court Family Mediator. As a family therapist, specializing in understanding multiple perspectives occurring simultaneously in family systems occurring simultaneously, Dr. Heller has the unique training, skills, and abilities to work as a mediator, participating as a neutral facilitator to assist you and your spouse to resolve issues and make decisions related to the dissolution of your marriage and co-parenting of your children.

You are safe here.
In the mediation process, Randy provides a neutral and safe environment in which you can brainstorm together, organize and define issues, identify goals, options and possibilities as well as engage in respectful communication to promote joint problem solving in order to reach mutually acceptable resolutions.

Dr. Heller can also work with you in co-mediating with the additional guidance of an attorney mediator or a neutral financial professional to assist in ensuring that all your needs and interests are being addressed. In the mediation process you make the decisions yourselves and develop a plan that is a ‘fit’ for your unique family. Additionally, any information disclosed in the joint or private mediation is confidential and may not be disclosed by the mediator to anyone else or used in subsequent legal proceedings.